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The world cannot
be saved
if nobody believes in it
and just starts.

Tina Teucher
Expert for future competency and sustainable business

Long-term thinking? This demand turns entire industries upside down. After all, customers, media, investors and employees are more and more often asking for it:
Who on the market deals in a responsible and sustainable manner? Sales, attention, money investments and talents gush to companies that offer more than just economic value. Time to think ahead! Tina Teucher inspires you to take a brave look at the well-known traders – for success and resilience through sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability management and social entrepreneurship.

Tina Teucher publishes books and articles on sustainable management, CSR communication and successful transformation. The Culture Sciences academic completed MBA Sustainability Management at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. From 2009 to 2014, Tina Teucher was the leading editor of the decision makers’ magazine “forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften” (forum CSR). She is active in the Think Tank 30, the young network of the German Association for the Club of Rome. Since 2015, as a Sustainable Matchmaker, she has been bringing organizations, people and companies together to create the environment for sustainable business. Here she accompanies corporations and institutions through the essential questions on their path of change.

With presentations in three languages she whets appetite to rethink: In the long run not those are successful who sell the most material but those who facilitate a meaningful life for people. Many good examples from corporations as well as small and medium enterprises (SME) reveal ways how corporate management can be shaped for future generations and how to build up concrete future competencies through social and ecological innovations.

Tina Teucher is involved as a member of the extended board of B.A.U.M. e.V. (Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis Umweltbewusstes Management / German Association for Environmentally Conscious Management), on the supervisory board of Future eG, on the advisory board of Klimahelden and and on the jury of the sustainability label Green Brands. She is particularly fascinated by the holistic solutions of the regenerative economy (ecosystem restoration), circular economy (cradle to cradle, blue economy) and management approaches for sustainable leadership. A world without waste, good work and all-round healthy products not only motivate top performance but also strengthen visions that sound convincing for future generations. Eco? Logical!

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(u.a. Klaus Töpfer, Christiane Underberg, Claus Hipp, Volker Hauff)
2016 Umweltpsychologie 2016 Von Tina Teucher Umweltpsychologie: So motiviert man Öko-Muffel zu grünem Verhalten Wirtschaftswoche Green Zum Beitrag (PDF) 2013 Zuhören, Reden, Handeln 2013 ISBN 978-3-8325-3286-4 Von Tina Teucher Zuhören, Reden, Handeln: Herausforderungen der Nachhaltigkeitskommunikation. In: Neumann, F.; Keuper, F.: Sustainability Management – nachhaltige und stakeholderorientierte Wertsteigerung. Berlin. S. 405-441. 2012 Nachhaltigkeit 2012 ISBN 978-3639388077 Von Tina Teucher Nachhaltigkeit: Zur Diskursgeschichte eines Konzepts. Saarbrücken.

For more publications, see publications list in the downloads section below.



Team Karin Burger

Team Karin Burger

The “Fine selection of Speakers” by Karin Burger convinces the event industry. The event-experts from Munich direct the Speaker-management for Tina Teucher.

Team Karin Burger

Think Tank 30

Think Tank 30

The young Think Tank of the Club of Rome is dedicated to societal themes just as future responsibility, sustainability and democracy. Tina Teucher is an active member, for example in the working group AI.

Think Tank 30

Women Speakers

Women Speakers

The Women Speaker Foundation is staging experts and practitioners for example Tina Teucher on the topic “Sustainable management and Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR).

Women Speaker Foundation

B.A.U.M. E.V.

B.A.U.M. e.V.

Tina Teucher moderates events for the Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management (B.A.U.M. e.V.) such as and is part of the full board.

B.A.U.M. e.V.


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