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Using Megatrends.
Strengthening Future Competency.

Keynotes & Lectures

Keynote speaker, lecturer, expert on sustainable business: Tina Teucher‘s presentations inspire enthusiasm for a variety ofopportunities for far-sighted companies and provide orientation to shapeactively society and future markets.

With a keen eye for the big picture, facts, strategies and exciting examples, Tina Teucher inspires people and organisations to strengthen their positive impact systematically: to accomplish meaningful work, green innovation and long-term success. Economic, social and eco – logical!

Megatrends & Future CompetenceBusiness Models for Future

Decision-makers can tap huge potential for innovation and new successful business models if they recognise and use megatrends for themselves.

Young people are taking to the streets to demand climate protection and justice. What are companies doing? They are decision-makers but they are stuck in a state of fearful paralysis. They could see the crisis as an opportunity and create added value. Sustainable management means combining tradition and innovation in order to be successful on all levels in the long term: economically, ecologically and socially. Future-competence strengthens the trust of customers and employees. This lecture provides orientation for reinventing and seizing opportunities with practical examples from seemingly ultraconservative sectors.

Sustainable LeadershipLeadership in Transformation

Those who see the importance of their work can create meaning for their work. Teams can create added value and help companies to succeed. Demands in the world of work are growing: the interests of the individual, the company and society need to be thought together. New Work concepts such as crowdworking, corporate democracy or work-life balance are being discussed simultaneously. They should all come under one roof through „good leadership“. But how can this be done? This keynote with numerous practical examples shows: Only future-oriented leadership is real leadership. Sustainable leadership leads through values, role models, non-tangible incentives and good questions.

Economic change not climate change!Success through Sustainable Innovation

“I can‘t change anything on my own anyway.“
One million people

Many employees believe that as individuals they cannot make a difference for the climate, the environment or social justice. But together they are many. Billions of euros are flowing into sustainable alternatives such as the organic sector, renewable energy and sustainable mobility. The trend is: economic change not climate change. Are you and your company fit for the future? This lecture provides practical tips and tools on how sustainable innovation can lead to success and what each individual in the business environment can do to achieve savings and develop new business fields, improve satisfaction at work and promote future competence.

Why are green companies booming10 Brand Features that will Make your Customers Fall in love

A “worthy” brand attracts and binds: talents, partners and, above all, customers. Long-term thinking and lasting success are directly related. What makes companies with an ecological focus so attractive? Which concrete decisions require special attention in case of a green strategy development – and how to avoid the lurking traps? And above all: How do the forerunners do it? A keynote with numerous practical examples from DAX companies like BMW to a 50-man family business.

Making senseHow to Boost Talents, Motivation and Sustainability through Creating Purpose

Employees are not only a cost factor, they are the most valuable resource of a company. Studies (Princton University, among others) show that the motivation grows only up to a certain annual salary. What comes next? How do you challenge your talents and boost the future viability of your company when we exclude financial incentives? Not only does the Generation Y ask for the WHY: Sensemaking and sustainability are becoming the leading philosophy. It’s all about the point of view: Generation Y doesn’t see the future as clearly determinable, but as a potpourri of possibilities. They want to be involved and involve others. They want to take and share responsibility. They want to do things together, instead of competing with one another. They love the feeling of being part of a larger thing they can stand for: with pride, fun and sense.

Opportunity SustainabilityEnsuring Future Viability with Business Models

Companies nowadays should be reliable and flexible, stable and innovative. Strong contradictions? In the guiding lights of sustainability, more and more organizations are discovering the potential for thousands of business ideas and market opportunities – and in every industry! Surprising examples from seemingly ultraconservative sectors, such as chemistry, financial services or raw material extraction, encourage us to think outside the box. If you want to be at the winning podium tomorrow, if you want to be innovative and enter new markets, sustainability should be the core of your strategy.

Sustainability InnovationsInspirations from “Factor 5” via “Sharing” through to “Cradle to Cradle”

Long-term thinking? This demand turns entire industries upside down. After all, customers, media, investors and employees are more and more often asking for it. Who on the market is already using the characteristics of the age we live in for their benefit? And what do all these developments mean for our strategy? The keynote inspires you to take a brave look at the bigger picture and opens up new thinking and action strategies for companies. From exciting concepts and Best Practice examples, rises a guide to re-invention.


“Tina Teucher was a knockout. She managed to captivate people, inspire them, thrill them.”
Priska Hellmüller-Luthiger, PHBern Institut für Weiterbildung und Medienbildung
“Thank you very much for the enriching presentation, which captivated the audience.”
Michael Sambeth, Sparkasse Kaufbeuren
“Tina Teucher managed to present the not easy topic of sustainability with lightness, humour and very practical tips and ideas. The interaction was very well received. Great!”
Sabine Biergans, S-UBG Gruppe
“Thank you very much for your great presentation at our sales kickoff! It inspired us and our sales colleagues to reflect and provided us with great arguments.”
Heike Seltmann, CWS Hygiene Interrnational GmbH
“I’m glad I attended. It was a very informative and affirmative day for me. Really great. The world needs more people like Tina. I’m gonna do my part.”
Daniel Oltrogge, Oltrogge GmbH & Co. KG
“Tina Teucher’s presentation was very inspiring for our work in building a sustainability management system.”
Markus Klehr, Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe
“We are more than happy: We really enjoyed Tina Teucher’s impulse lecture! She presented in a lively and target group-oriented way – she offered something for everyone. The interaction between her, the moderator and our sustainability manager was particularly successful.”
Katrin Ruhnau, Learning Management, Miele & Cie. KG
“Her keynote was very well received by us and inspired everyone very much.”
Judith Rahner, Merck KGaA
“The contribution was very exciting and mega entertaining – it was a great pleasure to work with Tina Teucher.”
Jürgen Matt, BWGV Akademie
“Tina was invited as a keynote speaker at our event on the topic of sustainability in DB long-distance transport. With a great deal of knowledge, passion and her captivating manner, Tina delivered a presentation for our managers and employees that we will not soon forget. And: we will be stepping up our implementation efforts in many areas. What more could you want?”
Priscilla Bengui, DB Fernverkehr AG
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Speaker-Management: Team Karin Burger

The “Fine selection of Speakers” by Karin Burger convinces the event industry. The event-experts from Munich direct the Speaker-management for Tina Teucher. They are your contact for requests and bookings.

Team Karin Burger

Profil von Tina Teucher, Expertin für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften / sustainable business

Tina Teucher - expert on Sustainable Business

Tina Teucher inspires with moderations, lectures and contributions on corporate success through sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable entrepreneurship. She publishes books and articles on green and social innovations, transformation, biodiversity, energy transition and communication. She is actively involved in organisations and committees such as the whole board of the B.A.U.M. association and networks companies and people for a regenerative economy.

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