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The stage belongs to all who build bridges and inspire.


Refreshing, charming, inspiring.

A good moderator is like a safari: The main characters feel as right as rain in their environment. The guide gives guidelines and creates connections. And the audience experiences exciting new perspectives and ultimately has the feeling: “I was in the thick of it – not just on the sidelines!”.

Tina Teucher enriches conferences, award shows, gala nights and meetings on future topics with her moderations. Guests are welcomed on an optimal stage, participants feel involved, and the discusers can bring their aspect to the point. When Tina Teucher moderates, everybody takes some inspiration home. Comprehensible, binding and versatile.

“Courage, community and will power make the future grand.
It it’s not good, it’s not yet the end.”

Moderator for future topics & innovation

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Good presenters give an event the right atmosphere, create the perfect stage for the main characters and know how to build bridges. Tina Teucher supports organisers with her experience and a large network of interesting speakers. As a moderator, she safely leads through the day at conferences, meetings, panels and award ceremonies on innovations, trends and future topics.

Whether through a lecture on corporate responsibility, a moderation for an innovation conference or through active sustainability communication for a new solution: Tina Teuchers’ enthusiasm for future-oriented innovations is contagious!

This link opens the YouTube video in privacy mode. The data will be used
according to the regulations of YouTube and Google.

This link opens the YouTube video in privacy mode. The data will be used
according to the regulations of YouTube and Google.

Advantages of professionally moderated online events:

  • Reach more people
  • Bring in speakers from all over the world
  • Minimise infection risks
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Emit less CO2 – protect the climate

Online Moderation of Hybrid Events and Online Events

Covid-19 has humanity under control since the beginning of 2020: working from home, rarely meeting people, no events. Monotonous? Doesn’t have to be! The creativity of experienced experts in collaboration with Tina Teucher as online presenter and the Karin Burger team conjures up powerful new event formats on the screens. In hybrid events, some of the people are on site – especially the organisers, main speakers and moderators. The audience is watching from the office or from home. Tina Teucher turns her audience from spectators into participants with activating moderation and the deliberate use of tools. Their toolbox is equipped with a lot of online expertise, lively conversation, improvisational talent, live interviews, audience questions and quizzes, involvement through the chat function and energisers, online tools for more participation, background music and, of course, qualified background knowledge on future and sustainability topics. For example, at the Waldecker Wild Brunch on June 28, 2020 on edible wild plants – see video excerpt: Tina Teucher in conversation with Club of Rome member Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker.


“Charming and very likeable, good background knowledge, outstanding collaboration.”
Green Cities Conference
“Tina accompanied us very well with her positive and winsome nature: from a classical panel discussion to a dialogue-oriented speed dating. Open and flexible, dedicated and likeable.”
IKEA Germany
“Tina Teucher’s moderation was again so beautifully refreshing and invigorating. Already the introduction to the conference with the very motivating address to all guests was very successful and made you want more. We were very satisfied and received a lot of positive feedback from the around 200 participants.”
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege, chairman B.A.U.M. e.V. (1984-2021)
“Focussed and passionate – the discussion was to the point.”
YES! – Young Economic Summit
“Tina Teucher contributed substantially to the great success of our event. We received a great deal of positive feedback.”
Dirk Bösicke, Deutsche Bahn (Project Manager driversity)
“We and our participants enjoyed the in-house moderation by Tina Teucher very much. «As if she were one of us» was a phrase we often heard. The event was a complete success.”
Patricia Siebel, Edding AG

Speaker-Management: Team Karin Burger

The “Fine selection of Speakers” by Karin Burger convinces the event industry. The event-experts from Munich direct the Speaker-management for Tina Teucher. They are your contact for requests and bookings.

Tina Teucher - expert on Sustainable Business

Tina Teucher inspires with presentations, lectures and articles on corporate success through sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable entrepreneurship. Among others, she holds lecture in the study program “Sustainability Marketing & Leadership” at the Fresenius University, and publishes books and articles on green and social innovations, transformations, energy transition and communication.

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