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You live and work for a healthy, fair world.
You are looking for strong partners for your sustainable engagement.
You are not alone.

Sustainability Consulting

Together with Tina Teucher as Sustainable Matchmaker you’ll find trustworthy partners for your projects.

If everyone would take responsibility in their field of action, there would be opportunities for all. For companies, this means awareness of its social role, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Differentiation in the competition for customers and talents, new value-added opportunities and chances for markets and offers. In addition, society also benefits from the social and ecological commitment of a company. However, no organization can be “sustainable” by playing a lone hand.

Sustainability Networking

Tina Teucher and her Sustainable Matchmaker network are bringing you together:

  • Motivated talents and fair employers
  • Sustainable idea givers and entrepreneurs
  • Impulse generators and change leaders
  • Investors and Founders
  • Busy companies and green service providers

Anyone who wants to change their organization can find many starting points. But where to start? With whom? You can find helpful contacts in the Sustainable Matchmaker network. Get in touch.

Sustainable organization development includes contact for CSR experts, environmental consultants, specialists for sustainable financial investments as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

A valuable overview on Sustainable Management and Corporate Responsibility can be found in the following information sources and media (in German):


Tina Teucher, a Sustainable Matchmaker, relies on the sustainability expertise of:

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